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"My Heart is Glad" - VIDEO (Acoustic Version)

Here's an acoustic version of a new song!

With each song we release I'm gradually learning with Yahuwah's help how to make the best use of the recording equipment I have. To be honest, recording acoustic guitars has been quite an enigma to me. In my early years I would rely upon just plugging the guitar in via 1/4 instrument cable (not ideal). Later I finally got around to actually getting a condenser microphone and that improved things quite a bit. Still I could hear the difference in quality compared to other artists recordings. This time I used two SM57s in a stereo set up and I think it worked out pretty well!

Our flute player did a great job on this song and really brought out the life of this song. I look forward to recording this song again and adding a Native American Flute.

This song is a simple praise tune. I think it's a happy song and perfect for morning worship. There's a lot of verses that could be added for people who play different instruments.

Hope you enjoy the video!

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