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The Story told by "Ancient Trail".

This song represents the beginning in so many ways. When I wrote this song I had just got a Native American Flute, and wanted a song to play with it. After I wrote the song, I wanted more. I couldn't get enough of what the Holy Spirit was giving me, and so Aromem was born. This song also represents the beginning of a persons spiritual walk. A story of rejection, perseverance, and victory.


"I've been cast off from my own, those I call my friends are gone."

When you come to know that Yeshua (Jesus) is the savior of the world and calls us to serve the one true God, the world can turn on you. Everyone that once surrounded you may disappear or ridicule you. They may even say that you are no longer "one of them".

"There is no place for me to pitch my tent, far from the land of my people I'm sent."

Exile, that's what it can feel like. A journey you must take, but no one follows after you. Everything you once knew and was familiar with is now fading from you.

"Had it not been for the Spirit of Yah I would have died without tribe or home."

But the master has not just called us to leave behind our old world. He has called us to a much greater home, and into an adoption with a set apart people.


"Because I run the Ancient Trail..."

The path you've been called to is an ancient path that the righteous have traversed for thousands of years. Well worn, full of adventure, hardship, persecution, and a final destination of a glorious kingdom.

"12 tribes I'll call my brethren."

The adoption. An ingrafting into the olive tree as described by Paul. You join a holy nation because your God is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Your savior is the Mashiach of Israel. You are never without family ever again. Because you have inherited the family of Yahuwah.

"Because His fire runs through my veins, my soul shall not fear it's fate."

The promise of the filling of the Holy Spirit. Giving you hope that was never there, strength to accomplish things beyond your abilities, and yes even courage to look death in the face. Your soul doesn't fear it's fate, why should it?


"I once sat with my empty dreams, my hands filled with worthless things.

But when my soul found peace with Yah's Spirit in me, I cast away all that hindered me. And now I run like a deer set free!"

Strange how your greatest victory comes with surrendering all to your maker. Everything you thought you needed and had to have. In the face of a greater calling, in the knowledge that everything here in the flesh is fading into oblivion, you finally can let go of the wind and take hold of the Kingdom of God.

"Because I run the Ancient Trail a bow of bronze my hands can bend.

Because His fire runs through my veins, dark spirits shall flee before me!"

Every demon that once had free reign to wreak havoc in your life, is now subject to the power that resides in you. You've been given the authority to cast out demons, you've been given the power through Yeshua's Name to wage war on satan and take ground. Your only limit? Your faith. The power in you is capable of anything, make use of it.

Blessings in Yeshua,

David and Aromem.

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