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New Song Recording In Progress

We have a new song being worked on in the studio (aka my recording closet:) It's upbeat, fun, and speaks of Biblical prophecy yet to be fulfilled. We still got a lot of work to do, but I think it's progressing nicely. This song will have some advantages over our previously recorded music.

We usually record the songs one or two instruments at a time, slowly building on top of each other. But thanks to an equipment upgrade, we can now record all of us at once. Being able to draw off of each other makes for a more "together" sound.

Another positive change is that our drummers (we have more than one:) have acquired a brand new Yamaha drum set. Before we relied upon synthesized drums for our tracks. Our beats are sounding pretty good these days!

And finally I (David) have obtained a beautiful new Native American flute in the key of F#m. It's made from lovely African Mahogany. Very responsive and fun to play!

I'm really proud of my family, they have all been gifted with amazing musical abilities. We all have either day time jobs or obligations, but for the love of music and worship we come together to make something really special. This really is a new kind of music genre that we are helping to develop. As always we can use your prayers that the finished product will be all that the Holy Spirit wants it to be. Yahuwah is good!

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