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The Native Drum and Flute Are Now Our Weapons of Worship

A hammer is a tool that can build an idol or craft the ark of the covenant. An idol is the completed work of a misused tool and is pagan through and through. Unable to be redeemed or used for anything other than fire wood. A harp is a tool that can worship the God of #Israel or be used in the pagan temple to baal. The harp is a tool, and the songs to baal are the completed work and are pagan through and through.

The #Native American drum, flute, and vocalizations are tools. Tools that have been sadly used to honor evil spirits. But the one true God, the one true Creator is jealous for these instruments to be used for Him. He desires it just as much as to hear harp or guitar play for His honor. He longs to see the dance steps of the tribes move to the praises of the God of Israel.

I say all this to explain why we have chosen to play this style of music. We are claiming our instruments (Native drum and flute) as belonging to the service of #Yahuwah. And believe me when I say, that the devil is NOT happy about it.

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