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Rumble Channel Update

So apparently we were mistaken on the number of subscribers that we need to qualify for Rumble's verification badge. It's actually 1000 subs and not 100 like I originally thought. We've got a ways to go for that so we're going to try and keep producing music videos for our channel and rely on you all to share our music with others who you think might be blessed! Along those lines we've been experimenting with different options for creating Live Streams. At first we streamed the audio files, which was cool. This week we started streaming the music videos, which was cooler. And one of these days, Yah willing, maybe we can stream live worship sessions with ease, which would be the coolest! We'll have to see if God wants us to go that route or not so help us pray about our direction moving forward. New songs have been written and I'm excited about sharing those with you all soon. Until then may Yah bless you richly with His many blessings!

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