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Aromem's NEW Website Has Arrived!

I felt like it was time to polish our look a little bit. Hope you like the new design!

My desire is to make our website a better hub for our content. A place that you'll look forward to visiting each day.

We can use all the prayers you offer up for us as this will take time that we seem to be in short supply of. Personal life is busy these days, and I'd like nothing better than to dedicate more time to producing music for Aromem. Everything in HIS time though!

No promises, but I'd love to do live worship sessions direct from our site. I don't know if this is something that Yah has in store for us, but perhaps you could pray with us about it?

Now about the store....

We still plan to open it! We've already got a very talented artist working on a T-shirt design. Given the work that Amelia Polder puts out, it should be pretty amazing! Find more of her awesome art here: Handmade native apparel is still on my really really want list. We'll keep working toward that Yah willing.

Again, your prayers are cherished.


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