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"Listen My Son", An Echo of the Proverbs

As with many of the songs I write, Yah first gave me a melody that I hummed to myself for weeks. I've learned when it comes to receiving things from the Holy Spirit not to rush things and let Yah's Spirit reveal what it wants in His own good time. After weeks of the tune playing in my head, Yah gave me the theme of the song; a father instructing his son.

I drew heavily from the Proverbs. And the end result was a summary of what King Solomon wrote. Love Yahuwah, obey His commands, stay away from the company of fools, and be not enticed by pretty eyes with evil intent.

I'm very proud of every member of Aromem and their gifting's with music. Once the songs tempo picks up there is a wonderful instrumental with accordion and Irish tin whistle which gives the song a happy and jubilant feel. Singing with me the second time I do the verse is my wife who also wanted to express her desire for our children to follow Yah.

We also wrote a sweet electric guitar solo and wrap the whole thing up with the Native flute. This was a very fun song to record and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we did.

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