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Band Update 8-9-23

Hello fellow brothers and sisters of all tribes! This year has been a fantastic time of growth for the band. We've learned so much about producing music with greater efficiency than I have ever been able to do when producing music solo. We've learned how to better utilize our social media (on Truth Social and The Torah Network) to keep in touch and to share fun moments together. And finally we've learned that ya'll really like lyric videos if the view count is any indication. We've been encouraged to see a small explosion of exposure on YouTube following the release of our single called "Passover Song". We've seen thousands of views and many cherished encouraging comments from you all. It really does cheer the team immensely to hear that the music they make is touching hearts and encouraging others. On behalf of everyone of team Aromem, thank you!

For all the newcomers that have found us on YouTube, we are so happy that you have crossed paths with us! To help assure that we will be able to bring you our videos in the future, we highly recommend you also follow us on our Rumble channel.

Follow us on Rumble HERE

We've got even more original songs lined up to be recorded and released and we have no plans of stopping. We'll be working hard in between day time work to get this music out to you guys expediently. It's on my heart to do some actual music videos in addition to our lyric videos so please keep us in your prayers for that.

Once again we thank you for the encouraging words you leave on each of our videos. We read each one and can feel the love of Messiah in you all. Blessings in Yeshua, David

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