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NEW Song! NEW Store! - Band Update 10/17/23

Shalom dear family! We are rather behind on the news of the past month. This is due to a mad rush of personal projects needing to get done around our home before winter hits us. But today I finally sat down to write about the exciting things that have happened recently.

New song - "war cry" is here!

Yes! Our latest spiritual warfare song has dropped and it's sure to make you itch for a fight with the Most High on your side! As with all of our songs, it's available for FREE download on our website. Just go to the music player on the home page.

Also, we are thrilled with the increase of subscribers on our YouTube channel, but do follow us on Rumble as we have assurances of NO SHADOW BANNING on Rumble.

You can follow us on Rumble HERE

we've opened an online store!

Another important step in our journey has been realized as we have a brand spanking new store on the site. And we're not just selling the typical band merch tee shirts. We have hand made Native American bead work! Since we have thus far made our music completely free, this is great way of supporting us should you feel led to.

Visit our new online store HERE

we have only begun...

We still have bunches of original songs in the line up so stay tuned for more music. We hope you have a great rest of your week!

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